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Gendered flames

There have been improvements in understandings about the importance of women’s roles in community-based environmental initiatives, but in the realm of fire governance there is still a long way to go

Menyeimbangkan resiko

Masyarakat di Kecamatan Mendawai memahami dampak dan bahaya kebakaran hutan, namun beberapa masih menggunakan api karena satu-satunya pilihan yang tersisa untuk menyambung hidup

Balancing the risks

The Mendawai people are aware of the risks forest fires bring, but some continue to use fire as a tool as it is the only affordable way they know to make a living

Carbon on fire

Voluntary Carbon Market (VCM) promises private participation towards a net sink future, but not a fire-proof one

Indonesians call for climate action through music

Self-education and lived experience of the impacts of climate change, are driving a grassroots environmental movement

An EV-fix for mining

Nickel’s ‘green development’ boost to resource nationalism

Photo essay: Human-Nature connections

Indigenous Dayak Benawan in West Kalimantan

Tuna trouble

Thinking about an intangible crisis in North Seram

To protect and conserve

A women-led ranger team in Aceh

Social ecological democracy

Because experience cannot be delegated

Utopians for parliament

An interview with leaders of the Indonesian Green Party

Essay: Eco-socialist visions, how Indonesia could inspire Australia

In 1945, Indonesians astonished the world with a Revolution for social justice. Can they do it again in the 2020s with climate justice?

Tubuh-tanah air

Haris Retno Susmiyati & Siti Maimunah mengeksplorasi hubungan antara gerakan perempuan, lingkungan, dan sejarah kapitalisme

Utopia beyond the abyss

Ecological civilisation in Indonesia

‘Trees pray for us’

Does religious environmentalism have a future in Indonesia?

Beyond technical fixes

Indonesia is blessed with considerable potential for renewable energy generation, but so far has been slow to grasp it

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