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Youth editorial team

Published: Feb 12, 2024

Call for Expressions of Interest: Youth editors (aged 18-24 years)

Opens: 12 February 2024
Closes: NEW EXTENDED DEADLINE: 5 March 2024

Inside Indonesia was founded in 1983 with a commitment to people-to-people solidarity and to achieve greater democracy, human rights, gender and racial equality, tolerance and environmental sustainability in Indonesia. In a special edition to mark our 40th anniversary we asked contributors to imagine future directions for the magazine. In response, we have decided to establish a section dedicated to articles written, curated and edited by young people.

A peer-editing team will allow a space in Inside Indonesia for young people to share their ideas, ‘with minimal mediation by older adults.’ This team will offer a youth-centered perspective to advise the Inside Indonesia commissioning editor. It is urgent that we (older adults) appreciate their ideas. A lot has been written about Indonesian youth, but few writings are actually written by young people.

Inside Indonesia is looking for three youth editors aged 18-24 years old who will commit to advising our commissioning editor for a period of 12 months (March 2024-March 2025).

If you are interested in being a part of this exciting new initiative, email your EOI to editor@insideindonesia.org, include a copy of your CV and answer the following questions:

  1. Why are you interested in joining Inside Indonesia’s inaugural youth-led peer editing team? (100-150 words)
  2. As part of our mission to raise awareness about the diversity of Indonesian society and support initiatives for democracy, human rights, gender and racial equality, tolerance, and environmental sustainability, please share specific examples of how you have actively contributed to these causes in your community or personal endeavors. Your experiences could include projects, events, advocacy, or any other relevant activities that demonstrate your commitment to these aims. (100-150 words)
  3. Please describe any previous editorial experience you have, including roles, responsibilities, and specific projects or publications you've been involved with. Share how your editorial experience aligns with your interest in joining our youth-led peer editing group. (100-150 words)

Call closes 27 February 2024

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