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Petruk 1920 confronts Petruk 2020

An essay introducing Ki Purbo Asmoro’s original wayang tale Tamba Tĕka, Lara Lunga (Remedy Shows Up, Malady Gives Up)

Reporting on Java’s 1918 influenza pandemic

Pieter Bastiaan van Steenis’ report on the 1918 influenza pandemic in Java is a rare and detailed account by a colonial health official who experienced its horrors first-hand

Beware the disease of influenza

An anonymous Javanese text written in response to the flu epidemic of 1918-19, offers its audiences eerily familiar lessons for surviving a pandemic

Interpreting pandemics through history, text and performance

Featuring translations and analysis of rare texts, including the revival of an early 20th century Javanese wayang play, this edition illustrates the multi-faceted ways in which pandemics affect us and how a conversation between the science of epidemiology and public health, drama and translation are interwoven in interesting and sometimes surprising ways.

Asbestos danger

What can be done to prevent suffering in Indonesia?

Gendered flames

There have been improvements in understandings about the importance of women’s roles in community-based environmental initiatives, but in the realm of fire governance there is still a long way to go

Essay: A movement to remember

This essay is the first in a new series featuring the writing of and edited by young people.

Mengikutsertakan kaum muda

Inside Indonesiamengeksplorasi budaya kaum muda 

Captivating kaum muda

Inside Indonesia explores defiant youth culture

Feminists and LGBT

Can they work together? Religious objections make it hard

Vigilante partnerships

Reclaiming Jakarta with the Forum Betawi Rempug

Vigilantism, religion and urbanism

An interview with Sana Jaffrey

Between an Islamic saint and Che Guevara? 

Jakarta’s urban poor see Habib Rizieq Shihab as a homegrown symbol of resistance and rebelliousness in the midst of their own marginisation 

Rebranding for revival

In an election year, a reunion of the 212 Movement reflects a changing political landscape for urban Islam, but is there also a changing of the guard?

Komunitas transgender dan etika penelitian

Komunitas transgender menetapkan standar mereka sendiri untuk praktik penelitian etis

Culture as technology

Students are taught to understand the everyday impact of knowledge and technology in the midst of Indonesia’s infrastructure boom

Bertukar makna, bertaut energi

Sebuah refleksi dari penelitian bersama sembilan penyintas Kekerasan Berbasis Gender Online (KBGO)

Transgender communities and research ethics

In the absence of protocol or regulation the transgender community is setting their own standards for ethical research practice

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Jul 09, 2024 - PATRICK J MAHONY

We need to learn more about each other. If we do, we will find that in many ways we have much in common

Asbestos danger

Jul 08, 2024 - GWYN ROBERTS

What can be done to prevent suffering in Indonesia?

Obituary: Stop telling, start listening

Jul 04, 2024 - DUNCAN GRAHAM

Owen Podger’s guide to aid-giving

Essay: What remains of the 1998 tragedy for the post-1998 generation


Hearing about my mother's experiences in May 1998 became a pivotal moment that has shaped my life. 

Obit: Bob Muntz, 1947-2024

Jun 24, 2024 - HELEN PAUSACKER

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