Dec 07, 2023 Last Updated 1:42 AM, Dec 7, 2023

Human Rights

What's Wrong With Freeport's Security Policy?

A report by a human rights organisation in West Papua

How to make peace

Civilians demand a part in Aceh's peace process

Women's voices in the arts

Women’s movement activists and artists unite

Profiting from displacement

In search of honest, well-designed aid for people displaced by the Poso conflict

War of words

Journalists covering the conflict in Aceh were embedded in a fierce propaganda war

Land, church and state

Forestry business packaged in ecological concerns in Flores

Maids face death penalty

Five Indonesian domestic workers face possible death sentences in Singapore

Women and syariah in Aceh

Aceh’s women find themselves between an armed conflict and Islamic law

The disappearing forest

Orang Rimba assert their rights

The occupation of Dongi-Dongi

Do resettlement failures justify deforestation?

Trees or people?

The interests of local people aren’t served by keeping them out of national parks

Labour loses - again

The elections show that Indonesian workers are not yet a major political presence

Munir (1965 -2004)

Munir’s death robbed Indonesia not only of a unique intellectual and activist, but of one of its brightest hopes for the future

Time for truth

Will victims of human rights abuses at last have their say?

An Acehnese in New York

My journey: from the village to exile

Why not independence?

Challenging the myths about Aceh’s national liberation movement

Human rights for kids

It’s difficult to get human rights education into Indonesian schools

Who benefits?

For the Forest Tobelo people, regional autonomy is a mixed blessing

Logging, soldiers and sex

Military business brings many problems to Papua

Missing the boat?

What happens when wandering sea nomads have to settle?

Latest Articles

Apakah Prabowo “fit and proper”?

Dec 06, 2023 - PAT WALSH

Dari tiga pria yang mencoba menjadi presiden berikutnya Indonesia, satu orang menonjol, dan bukan karena alasan yang tepat.

Is Prabowo fit and proper to be Indonesia’s next president?

Dec 04, 2023 - PAT WALSH

Of the three men who seek to be Indonesia’s next president one stands out, and not for the right reasons.

Prabowo's record in need of review

Dec 01, 2023 - EDITOR

Letter to the Editor

Feminists and LGBT


Can they work together? Religious objections make it hard

Concerts for cash

Oct 27, 2023 - MICHAEL H. B. RADITYA

Indonesia has a plan to boost the economy through large-scale arts, cultural and sporting events, but are they ready?

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