Apr 14, 2024 Last Updated 4:19 AM, Apr 12, 2024


Sex in the city

Between girl power and the mother image, young urban women struggle for identity

Quo vadis, lesbians?

Lesbians want to be themselves

Jakarta women's barefoot bank

Poor kampung women double their income through their own micro-credit scheme

Peace journalism in Poso

When reporting ethnic conflict, journalists can make a difference

Papua on the Net

Not as remote as you might think...

For kicks

The history of football is a history of Indonesia itself

Romo Mangun

Tribute to a multi-talented, national figure

Scunge City. And yet....

What the guide books don't tell you about Surabaya

Penis enhancements

Popular with sailors and miners, but not necessarily with their women

Take the money or die

A flood of 'democratisation' dollars has corrupted the NGO movement

Land for the people

Farmers in East Java are still working land they took three years ago

Whose city?

The street traders who feed and transport Jakarta are also its most unwelcome citizens

Jakarta's poorest

Lea Jellinek

The story of Mimin

Surviving thirty years in Central Jakarta

Peace on the net

A guide to resources for peace-makers

Do-it-yourself freedom

How to escape the mainstream, big money, newspaper thought police

East Timor on the Net

The latest on this new nation at your fingertips

Witness denied

Australian media responses to the Indonesian killings of 1965-66

By the book, please

East Timorese students in Yogyakarta suffer intimidation

Planning Jakarta

Review: Abidin Kusno examines trends in architectural design and urban planning in Jakarta

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Film review: Inheriting collective memories through 'Eksil'


A documentary embraced by TikTokers is changing how young people understand Indonesia’s past

Indonesians call for climate action through music


Self-education and lived experience of the impacts of climate change, are driving a grassroots environmental movement

Book review: Clive of Indonesia

Apr 05, 2024 - DUNCAN GRAHAM

The Jokowi-Luhut alliance


A business alliance forged in 2008 between Joko Widodo and Luhut Pandjaitan formed the basis for a major axis in his presidency

Making music together

Mar 19, 2024 - ARYA ADYUTA

At Earhouse Songwriting Club music is not only about the performer or performance, but also about the audience and the act of listening

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