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In collaboration with the National Library of Australia, Inside Indonesia is pleased to announce that an archive of editions of the magazine currently only available in hardcopy form – editions 1 (1983) to 89 (2007) – are now available in digital form.

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90 digitised editions of the magazine are available through the NLA catalogue where they can be accessed as an e-book for each individual edition fully searchable by keyword.

For many of our current readers this may be the first time you have had a chance to see Inside Indonesia in its original form as a physical magazine. For others we hope it will bring a welcome wave of nostalgia and reminiscences.

These 90 editions span twenty-four years of uninterrupted publishing of the quarterly magazine in printed form, during which time Indonesia has been through huge social and political changes. Inside Indonesia has documented these progressions, challenges and achievements across that period with a particular focus on themes of democracy, human rights, gender and racial equality, tolerance and environmental sustainability.

Over these decades, as today, editors and writers for the magazine include leading Indonesia commentators from across the world and prominent Indonesian intellectuals, writers and activists.

We believe this is a significant and treasured resource for those both students of Indonesia, Indonesians themselves and those outside Indonesia who are keen to understand its peoples and cultures.


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Samarinda’s deadly mining pits

Jun 21, 2016 - Tessa Toumbourou

A GSM plaintiff and a farmer stand on the edge of her mined land in Samarinda -  Armin Hari

The end of the boom has not meant an end to the perilous impact of coal mining in East Kalimantan

A dispensable threat

Jun 13, 2016 - Benjamin Hegarty and Ferdiansyah Thajib

Information and Communication Ministry ordered instant messaging applications including LINE, to remove emoticons depicting same-sex intimacy

LGBT rights and recognition have been under attack in the Indonesian media, for various reasons

Transboundary haze 

Jun 07, 2016 - Helena Varkkey

Cover Image

A regional problem with a regional cause  

Review: Palm oil and patronage

Jun 06, 2016 - Patrick Anderson

An investigation into the transboundary haze and the palm plantations in Indonesia

Review: Kartini’s complete legacy

May 30, 2016 - Pam Allen

Bringing Kartini’s entire anthology of writings together for the first time reveals the depths of her pioneering influence

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Readers said:

  • A dispensable threat
    Charlotte - 18 Jun
    Thank you for this article, which is very informative and gratefully distancing himself from the actual hysteria!
  • Wooden radios, bamboo bicycles and human cocoons
    Lutfianna - 08 Jun
    I happened to meet Mr. Singgih, stayed at Omah Yudhi, and even had a chance to visit Magno headquarter. Truly inspiring! Not only they offer eco-friendly ...
  • Review: Kartini’s complete legacy
    Ari - 02 Jun
    Hopefully this collection will prompt a refresh of the Kartini Museum in Jepara, Central Java. When I visited in 2014 it was a rather unwhelming ...
  • Review: Kartini’s complete legacy
    Dineke Stam - 01 Jun
    Thank you Pam Allen for this review and Joost Coté for the important work to bring the Complete Writings of Kartini together. Her letters are really ...

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