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Jul 04, 2016

The hidden story of Borobudur

Borobudur and its surroundings as seen from local settlement - Credit: Dedi Supriadi Adhuri

A local communities’ perspective

By Dedi Supriadi Adhuri and Gutomo Bayu Aji

Jul 04, 2016

The political economy of cultural heritage in Trowulan

Majapahit bricks excavated by a Traditional Brick Maker - Credit: Tod Jones

The battles for the future of an archaeological landscape

By Sugih Biantoro

Jul 04, 2016

Religious conflict and heritage management in Banten Lama

Great Mosque of Banten - Credit: Tod Jones

An ongoing struggle to control a historic Mosque disrupts a heritage region

By Herry Yogaswara and Tine Suartina

Jul 05, 2016

'Kampoeng Cyber'

Mural in Kampoeng Taman - Credit: Michael Romanos

Yogyakarta’s little internet community, Taman Sari

By Michael Romanos

Jul 05, 2016

Shifting sands

Borobudur - Credit: Emma Chegwyn

Archeology and public participation in Indonesian heritage management

By Daud Aris Tanudirjo

Jul 05, 2016

The pattern of a batik revival

Batik Showroom with specially dressed Parkir - Credit: Tod Jones

How UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage program transformed the batik neighbourhood of Laweyan

By Tod Jones

Jul 05, 2016

Good intentions, mixed realities

Danau Beratan, Bali (2007) - Credit: Leyla Stevens

Bali’s World Heritage listing has put its rice-farming culture under stress 

By Graeme MacRae

Jul 05, 2016

Heritage adrift

Stacks of Changsha bowls in-situ, 1999 - Credit: Michael Flecker

What next for Indonesia’s underwater cultural heritage?

By Natali Pearson

Aug 22, 2016

Review: A life beyond boundaries

Benedict Anderson’s memoir showcases a broad-minded approach to the world and Indonesia Source: Verso

Benedict Anderson’s memoir showcases a broad-minded approach to the world and Indonesia

By Anthony Taylor

Aug 09, 2016

Review: Stormy with a Chance of Fried Rice

Cover Image - Stormy with a Chance of Fried Rice

Review: Stormy with a Chance of Fried Rice

By Emma Coupland

Aug 09, 2016

A perfect lunch break

Source: killerturnip Flickr CC

Pat Walsh's book of short stories and poems takes us through a...

By Pat Walsh

Aug 01, 2016

The forgotten killings

Monumen Bambu Runcing (Bamboo Spear Monument), Surabaya Credit: Lidya Mewengkang

The slaughter of Indonesians by young nationalists has been hidden by romantic...

By Rosalind Hewett

Jul 24, 2016

Islamic cyber-activism

The search engine provides potential followers with a search filter limited to approved Salafi sources

Yogyakartan Salafi youth are turning to social media to promote their faith 

By Chris Chaplin

Jul 24, 2016

Book Review: Inventing Imam Samudra

Book Cover

Book Review: Imam Samudra’s Revenge, by Angus McIntyre

By Quinton Temby

Jul 18, 2016

Justice denied?

Source: Lexy Rambadeta

The Indonesian way of confronting the past underestimates the importance of truth...

By Ayu Wahyuningroem

Jul 18, 2016

Interview with an activist: Soe Tjen Marching

Soe Tjen Marching at Frankfurt Bookfair 2015  Source: Angus NIcholls

Standing up in the name of truth and justice

By Soe Tjen Marching

Jul 12, 2016

Reading for pleasure, 15 minutes a day

The National Book Committee Team - Courtesy of National Book Committee

Indonesia’s struggle to create a culture of reading

By Laura Noszlopy

Edition 125: Cultural Heritage

Cultural heritage: The politics of pictures of Indonesia

When visitors take pictures of Indonesia, they tend to photograph Indonesia’s cultural heritage.  These pictures share certain qualities. They seem harmonious and to be of activities or places that have...

Jul 04, 2016 - Tod Jones and Riwanto Tirtosudarmo

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