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2b. Keadilan lingkungan

Kelapa sawit dan proletariat lingkungan

2a. Buruh, lingkungan, dan krisis iklim

Kesadaran kelas menjadi hal penting dalam perjuangan lingkungan

Labouring in vain?

The Labour Party (Partai Buruh) was revived in the wake of opposition to the Omnibus Law on Job Creation, but failure in the 2024 election shows they failed to connect with the workers they aim to represent

Film review: Inheriting collective memories through 'Eksil'

A documentary embraced by TikTokers is changing how young people understand Indonesia’s past

Indonesians call for climate action through music

Self-education and lived experience of the impacts of climate change, are driving a grassroots environmental movement

The Jokowi-Luhut alliance

A business alliance forged in 2008 between Joko Widodo and Luhut Pandjaitan formed the basis for a major axis in his presidency

Colonial nostalgia in an Indonesian night market

Despite more critical attention being paid to Indonesia’s colonial past there is also evidence of nostalgia

Beyond decolonisation?

The National Museum of Indonesia is perpetuating colonial narratives and needs to actively engage with younger generations

Warisan industri kolonial dan kenangan di baliknya

Sebuah kota pertambangan kolonial di Sumatra Barat yang masuk dalam daftar UNESCO menimbulkan sejumlah pertanyaan kompleks tentang cara Indonesia memandang warisan industri.

Bekerja dengan artefak kolonial di Rijksmuseum

Dengan menggunakan lensa kritis, seniman dapat melihat artefak kolonial dengan sudut pandang yang baru saat meneliti koleksi museum

1b: Ekologisme

Ideologi politik yang mendengarkan bumi bicara

1a: Eko-Marhaenisme

Tata kelola Bangsa-Manusia-Alam dalam sosio-ekologi Indonesia

Making music together

At Earhouse Songwriting Club music is not only about the performer or performance, but also about the audience and the act of listening

Bacaan Bumi: Pemikiran Ekologis

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