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From jungkies to jihad

Drug use in Indonesia is a complex issue

Rotten politicians

Rotten politicians

Land, church and state

Forestry business packaged in ecological concerns in Flores

Trial by fire

Taking the law into your own hands is now commonplace in urban areas in Indonesia

Women and syariah in Aceh

Aceh’s women find themselves between an armed conflict and Islamic law

Opponents of Islamic Law

Diverse responses to proponents of Islamic law indicate democracy is healthy in South Sulawesi

Islam and democracy cannot meet

Irfan Awwas sets out his vision for Islamic law in Indonesia

Jepara's election

Money politics still reigns supreme

Time for truth

Will victims of human rights abuses at last have their say?

Questions of judgement

The new Constitutional Court combines law and politics

Money politics

An election official resists massive bribery in last year’s election

Election sale

A new parliamentarian discovers shocking truths

Living in peace

The village of Oelua proves that Indonesians can live with difference.

Blood money

Links between corruption and violence in Poso

Illegal drags

Thrills and spills of Jakarta’s street races

Youth heroin use

How effective is the war on drugs?

Beyond the factory

Fauzi Abdullah reflects on more than a quarter of a century of organising

United we stand?

Indonesia’s labour movement needs to consolidate the gains of 1998

Justice on the net

Little written about justice in cyberspace

Justice: who gets it and who doesn’t?

Justice: who gets it and who doesn’t?

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