Political fashions
Published: Apr 20, 2008

Timur Angin (http://timurangin.com/ ) is an internationally published freelance photographer. Born in 1978, he graduated from the Jakarta Arts Institute.

He took all the photos in the feature section of  this edition of Inside Indonesia during the 2004 general elections. Timur Angin is well known on the Indonesian fashion, film and art scene. His work has appeared in numerous films and ad campaigns throughout Indonesia, and has been featured in a variety of top fashion magazines.

These images of United Development Party (PPP) activists reflect his interest in fashion. They also show real human beings, who are part of a diverse society. From the tough security guard to the effeminate flag carrier, from the self-assured ulama to the sweating fundamentalist handing out leaflets, we can look into their face and see something vulnerable.     ii





Inside Indonesia 92: Apr-Jun 2008

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