May 19, 2022 Last Updated 8:50 AM, May 6, 2022

Human Rights

Is reconciliation sleeping with the devil?

The dilemmas of negotiating an end to conflict

The forgotten of West Timor

Poverty, refugees, militias, and too many soldiers

Claiming justice amid the ruins

A remarkable grass-roots reconciliation meeting in Ainaro

Meet Titi Irawati

An Indonesian human rights worker in East Timor

What about the workers?

Now is the time to create a fairer system

Timor's women

After the brutal occupation, gender violence remains a reality

The Endless Wait

Families of the Disappeared are Still Searching for Answers

Evading the Truth

Will a Truth and Reconciliation Commission ever be formed?

What's Wrong With Freeport's Security Policy?

A report by a human rights organisation in West Papua

How to make peace

Civilians demand a part in Aceh's peace process

Women's voices in the arts

Women’s movement activists and artists unite

Profiting from displacement

In search of honest, well-designed aid for people displaced by the Poso conflict

War of words

Journalists covering the conflict in Aceh were embedded in a fierce propaganda war

Land, church and state

Forestry business packaged in ecological concerns in Flores

Maids face death penalty

Five Indonesian domestic workers face possible death sentences in Singapore

Women and syariah in Aceh

Aceh’s women find themselves between an armed conflict and Islamic law

The disappearing forest

Orang Rimba assert their rights

The occupation of Dongi-Dongi

Do resettlement failures justify deforestation?

Trees or people?

The interests of local people aren’t served by keeping them out of national parks

Labour loses - again

The elections show that Indonesian workers are not yet a major political presence

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