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In collaboration with the National Library of Australia, Inside Indonesia is pleased to announce that an archive of editions of the magazine currently only available in hardcopy form – editions 1 (1983) to 89 (2007) – are now available in digital form.

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90 digitised editions of the magazine are available through the NLA catalogue where they can be accessed as an e-book for each individual edition fully searchable by keyword.

For many of our current readers this may be the first time you have had a chance to see Inside Indonesia in its original form as a physical magazine. For others we hope it will bring a welcome wave of nostalgia and reminiscences.

These 90 editions span twenty-four years of uninterrupted publishing of the quarterly magazine in printed form, during which time Indonesia has been through huge social and political changes. Inside Indonesia has documented these progressions, challenges and achievements across that period with a particular focus on themes of democracy, human rights, gender and racial equality, tolerance and environmental sustainability.

Over these decades, as today, editors and writers for the magazine include leading Indonesia commentators from across the world and prominent Indonesian intellectuals, writers and activists.

We believe this is a significant and treasured resource for those both students of Indonesia, Indonesians themselves and those outside Indonesia who are keen to understand its peoples and cultures.


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Herb Feith Foundation

Australian Indonesia Institute


The Pre-Election Edition

Sport in Indonesia

Building Jakarta

Special Anniversary Edition

The politics of gender

The environment

Artists and activists

Democracy - How far, so far?

Abdurrahman Wahid wins the top job

East Timor has its say

Elections: For the people, or the parties?

Off to the polls

No turning back

15th Anniversary

Environmental Education

Salam reformasi!

Nation in crisis

The military: Kings or kingmakers

Imagining Islam

What price victory? The 1997 elections

The battle for Kemayoran

Special issue on Sumatra

Megawati: Where to now? Exclusive interview

Asmara Nababan speaks up for indigenous rights

Arist Sirait: Should child labour be abolished?

Cultural Heritage

Asylum in Indonesia

Human Rights under Jokowi

Transitional justice

Indonesian writing in the present

Youth employment prospects and aspirations

Indonesia’s Millennium Development Goal report card

Design & architecture in Indonesia

Business and politics in Indonesia

Elections 2014

Cosmopolitan edition

Feeding Indonesia

Contemporary art

The politics of health

New social media as a tool for activism

Women and development

The many faces of corruption

Where is the left?

Villages and the environment

Climate change and Indonesia

The rich in Indonesia

Women and Islam

Learning to belong

Remembering Rendra

Leaving Indonesia

The killings of 1965-66

Land and Social Justice

Election politics

East Timor ten years after the referendum

Chinese Indonesians ten years after reformasi

West Papua: Inside Indonesia?

Crime and criminality

Ten years of reformasi

Tourism in question

Aceh: Two years of peace

Freedom of religion

Pramoedya's legacy

Access to Justice

Workers organising: the struggle continues

Youth Culture

International aid: Helping or hindering development

Arts Politics: a new era?

From Mataram to Merauke

Aceh: the new East Timor?

Indonesia's environmental challenges 

Islamic Law: What would it mean for Indonesia?

Unity in diversity? Ethnicity and the nation

Fear and willing: Indonesia's neo-con agenda

Out of Crisis? Agendas for the future

Body Politics

In the wake of the bombing

A Militarized Society

Give press freedom a chance

Outside Indonesia - East Timor

Peace: The legacy of Herb Feith

The poor first

Rewriting history

West Papua: towards a new Papua

Latest Articles

Review: Short Film 'KTP'

Mar 17, 2019 - AVERY MORROW

'KTP', 2016

A census worker’s village visit reveals the absurdities of identity card data

Adolescent pregnancy in Manggarai


Author carries out a prenatal check-up with a pregnant adolescent at Cancar / Artricia Marina Rasyid

Premarital sex must be acknowledged as unavoidable, to end a vicious cycle of lost potential

An inadvertent terrorist


Source / Samuel Zeller on Unsplash

One man’s humdrum pathway into terrorism demonstrates the need for extra care in prisons and de-radicalisation programs

A kinder, more gentle FPI?

Feb 06, 2019 - MARK WOODWARD

Lubis described Yogya as a city beset by sin: alcohol, narcotics, free sex, prostitution, pornography and LGBT / Mark Woodward

The historically hardline defenders of Islam plan to enter the political mainstream by softening their rhetoric and abandoning hate speech

Review: Ricklefs on Islamisation

Feb 01, 2019 - RON WITTON

M.Timur/ Flickr Creative Commons

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