May 19, 2022 Last Updated 8:50 AM, May 6, 2022


Sex in the city

Between girl power and the mother image, young urban women struggle for identity

Jakarta women's barefoot bank

Poor kampung women double their income through their own micro-credit scheme

Keeping up appearances

Manufacturing workers in Tangerang make a special effort to look good

Body-binding in Bali

Balinese dress says a lot about women’s roles

AIDS education

The government works with waria in South Sulawesi

Women's voices in the arts

Women’s movement activists and artists unite

Women in trade unions

No big gains for women workers

Wiralodra's buffalo hide

A Jakarta NGO is building alternatives to prostitution

Women and syariah in Aceh

Aceh’s women find themselves between an armed conflict and Islamic law

More than just sex

Three women authors take the Indonesian literary world by storm

Uniform jilbab

The Islamic headscarf is now compulsory in many high schools

Polygamy and chickens

This man’s message is simple — four wives are better for business than one

Film revolution?

Women are now on both sides of the camera

Crossing male boundaries

Confidence crisis for Bali’s women mask dancers

Woman power

In Bali, a new all-female dance-drama troupe is flouting traditional gender roles

More voices

Women and marginalised groups seize new opportunities in the arts

A shared vision

Portraits of Islamic women from different centuries and different organisations

Generation 98

Djenar Maesa Ayu – one of Indonesia’s exciting new female authors

Girl culture on the big screen

No longer misfits, but far from gender warriors

Strong women

Female autonomy became a prominent theme in Pramoedya’s writing.

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