May 19, 2022 Last Updated 8:50 AM, May 6, 2022

International Relations

A day in Flores

Teaching kids is about the little things

Recycling in Sukunan

Australian university students lend a helping hand

Building solidarity

Why is solidarity for Aceh so much weaker than for Timor?

Aid with strings attached

Foreign policy not poverty reduction drives the Australian aid program

Rebuilding lives

An Australian aid worker reflects on post-tsunami reconstruction.

How to stop understanding

Blanket travel warnings just don’t make sense

Anti-malarials or anti-Christ?

Health promotion in remote Tello islands

From workers' rights to democracy

From workers’ rights to democracy

Rendra speaks

Australia: an alternative West in Asia?

Whimsical protest

Transforming rubbish into political art

Papuan fantasies

Advocates for Papuans need to examine their motives and prejudices.

Facing the past

Overwhelming data makes the East Timor report rock solid

Alleyway revelry

The ‘Gang’ approach to cross-cultural collaboration.

People in between

There is no home and no justice for failed asylum seekers.

Bitter taste of victory

In Aceh and Timor, violence remains an attractive option for men even after the peace

Picking up the pieces

Rebuilding after an earthquake takes local initiatives as well as aid.

Plea for West Papua

Plea for West Papua

Ubud writers festival

New Indonesian writers receive international exposure.

Jungle to church

Missionaries and the military co-operate in converting the Asmat to Christianity.

Faith and violence

The Islamic sect Ahmadiyah has been under official pressure and violent attack.

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Indonesia’s independence from the Dutch came at a price – Indonesians are still waiting for them to acknowledge it

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