May 16, 2022 Last Updated 8:50 AM, May 6, 2022

Refugees & IDPs

Staying stuck

Asylum seekers from the Middle East and troubled parts of Asia can languish for years in difficult circumstances in Indonesia

High stakes

ASRIANA KEBON speaks to Indonesian underage minors who were returned to Indonesia following age determination hearings in Darwin

A problematic division

Managing the border between West and East Timor has been an ongoing challenge

Second-class citizens?

Poverty and mobility mark the neglected east

Game of chance

Chinese Indonesians play asylum roulette in the United States

Eight years after 1999

Displaced East Timorese children go hungry in Indonesian West Timor

Aceh homebound?

In the wake of peace, Acehnese living in Malaysia are thinking about return. But it can be tough leaving a new life to start afresh back home.

Don't let them drown

Australia must be a good global citizen towards refugees who transit Indonesia

The aftermath of civil war

Fighting has stopped in North Maluku, but mistrust lingers

The forgotten of West Timor

Poverty, refugees, militias, and too many soldiers

Profiting from displacement

In search of honest, well-designed aid for people displaced by the Poso conflict

An Acehnese in New York

My journey: from the village to exile

Legacy of conflict

Bugis IDPs have travelled as warriors, farmers, fishers and traders

People in between

There is no home and no justice for failed asylum seekers.

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