Mar 23, 2023 Last Updated 2:07 AM, Mar 22, 2023


Wisanggeni, Ned Kelly, and Tommy

A new novel explores the ambiguous role of the outlaw in today's Indonesia

Don't let them drown

Australia must be a good global citizen towards refugees who transit Indonesia

Groundhog Day

Defence planners wake up and find Asia is (still) a threat

The new conservatives

Golkar and PDIP parliamentarians join forces to pull down Gus Dur

To end impunity

How Indonesia responds to human rights abuse in Papua is the measure of reform elsewhere

Papua - The Indonesian debate

What does the public in Jakarta think?


Review: Robert Cribb's Historical Atlas is breathtaking in its scope and presentation

Untold stories

On the other side of 1965 lay a vibrant Indonesia worth remembering


Prajurit jaga malam

A soldier's historian

New Order generals needed new history books. Nugroho Notosusanto was their man.

For kicks

The history of football is a history of Indonesia itself

Out of the black hole

After the New Order, the lid on Indonesia's past is beginning to lift

Radical or reformist?

How Islamic will the new movements make Indonesia?

Mother of the nation

For now, reformasi is dead. But Mega didn't kill it

Laskar Jihad

A spiritual home for the lost, this militant sect is used by dangerous elites for their own ends

In this issue

The poor must come first

Penis enhancements

Popular with sailors and miners, but not necessarily with their women

Take the money or die

A flood of 'democratisation' dollars has corrupted the NGO movement

The Twin Towers Effect

The democracy movement must now challenge international capital

Crisis and poverty

Four years later, how has the economic crisis affected the poor?

Latest Articles

‘Tricked by a hoax’

Mar 22, 2023 - JENNY MUNRO

Truth and irrational violence in West Papua

Photo essay: Welcoming Ramadan in Yogyakarta

Mar 15, 2023 - MARK WOODWARD

In the month before the fasting period, Javanese Muslims perform a diversity of sacred rituals

Accountability missing in action


Joko Widodo’s acknowledgement of past gross human rights abuses falls short

Local shari'a or human rights?


The debate about school uniforms is an ongoing struggle between those supporting the implementation of certain moral and religious standards and those who see such a choice as a basic...

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