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Write for us

Inside Indonesia welcomes contributions. Please read the Inside Indonesia Style Guide and then contact our coordinating editor to pitch your idea.

Why write for Inside Indonesia?

A unique format Inside Indonesia offers a format that differs both from daily news reportage and the typical academic journal. Many of our writers are academic researchers who want to write about an aspect of their research in a digestible and immediate way. Few other media dedicated to Indonesia offer this service. • Quality and reputation - Inside Indonesia has a long history and is well-respected. We strive to maintain high editorial standards. Every author works with a member of our team of editors, and all articles are submitted for review prior to publication. • Immediacy - There is very little delay between submission of good quality articles and publication. If you have a burning issue to communicate, Inside Indonesia could be the place for you. • ReachInside Indonesia has tens of thousands of unique visits per month. All articles on the site are available free of charge, as are our archives of back issues. Once an article is on our site, it is there for good.

Who can write for us?

We accept articles from a diverse range of people – academics, journalists, students, travelers, NGO activists and people who have an interest in Indonesia. What is important is that you have something to say about Indonesia.

We cannot pay you for your contribution – your reward is the pleasure it brings to our readers.

What types of contributions do we accept?

Inside Indonesia publishes original, informative, analytical and/or reflective short and medium length pieces on a wide range of political, social, environmental and cultural issues in Indonesia. • Inside Indonesia is not an academic publication. This means we do not follow the normal conventions of academic writing (e.g. no footnotes or bibliographies) and we strive to avoid jargon and abstractions. However, many of the people who edit and write for us are academics and students and we strive to maintain high editorial standards. • Inside Indonesia also publishes

- reviews on books published about Indonesia - photo essays featuring aspects of Indonesia.

• With rare exceptions, we do not publish opinion or op-ed pieces (pieces where the main thrust is explaining why a particular government policy or other development is wrong, needs improving, or should be changed in some other way). Instead, most of our articles are 'information-rich'. They are based on in-depth research or investigation and, as well as presenting opinion and analysis, provide detailed information and background about a recent event, organisation, trend or personality. They contribute something new or different from what is available in the mainstream media.

Please note, you are responsible for guaranteeing:

• that your work is original

• that your material not been published elsewhere (you are free to reproduce it elsewhere as long as you acknowledge that it was first published in Inside Indonesia)

• that your work does not breach copyright or defame others.

How long can submissions be?

Articles can be

• short (750-800 words),

• middle-length (1,500-1,600 words) or occasionally

• long (2,250-3,200 words)

The length will be decided by our editorial team and will depend largely on your topic.

How do I submit an article?

Step 1 – Look at articles previously published by Inside Indonesia to get a sense of our style and the type of content we publish

Step 2 - Contact the coordinating editor at with your idea

Step 3 – If your idea is suitable you will be put in touch with an editor who specializes in your topic

Step 4 – Write your article, using the Inside Indonesia Style Guide as a guideline

Step 5 – You and the editor will work together until the article is ready to be published.

What other information do I have to send in with my article?

We like to include brief biographical information about our authors with their articles, so please send us a short two sentence description of yourself as well as links to any organisations you represent or work for. If you agree to us putting the link to your organisation on our website, we would appreciate if a link to Inside Indonesia could be made on yours.

Who owns the copyright of my article?

By submitting the article to Inside Indonesia, you grant to Inside Indonesia a non exclusive perpetual licence to reproduce, modify, publish and communicate your article in Inside Indonesia in any format. You own the copyright of your article except when it is reproduced directly from Inside indonesia (for example in university teaching packs). You are free to publish your article elsewhere, but we ask that you acknowledge that it was published in Inside Indonesia first.

The small amount of money raised by Inside Indonesia from copyright fees for direct reproduction of articles by educational institutions is the primary source of income for our entirely voluntary organisation. If you receive a copyright notice for direct reproductions of something you have written for us, please do not make a claim.

We look forward to receiving your contribution!