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  • Ecotourism: can it save the orangutans?

    RACHEL DREWRY investigates ecotourism as a conservation tool.
  • Togians: ecotourism is not the answer

    While others hope environmentally sensitive tourism will help the Togian Islands, KATE NAPTHALI wants to beef up traditional industries instead.
  • Bali'€™s wild side

    Managing conservation, tourism and the needs of local communities in Bali Barat National Park
  • Snakefruit -n- seaweed

    Bali’s new Village Ecotourism Network provides an alternative to mass tourism.
  • Operation Wallacea

    MARK ERDMANN explains the history of an exciting venture in reef conservation using volunteer divers.
  • Saving Bunaken

    in North Sulawesi was established as a marine park in October 1991. It has become one of Indonesia's best-known marine ecotourism destinations. The park encompasses 79,056 hectares of land and sea. A southern mainland section, the Arakan-Wowontulap...
  • Hubs and wires

    Internet use in Indonesian NGOs is strengthening civil society
  • Eco-tourism for whom?

    Bunaken National Marine Park is promoted as an ideal mix of tourism and conservation, but not all local people agree.
  • Leave Indonesia's fisheries to Indonesians!

    Since these fishermen are not targeting reef fisheries, there is great potential for coexistence of fishing and marine ecotourism. Foreign fishing operations are threatening to damage both of these important sectors of the North Sulawesi economy. In...
  • Saving Bunaken

    Involved locals are saving one of the world's most beautiful marine parks

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Kartini: Kumpulan puisi

Nov 29, 2016 - Various

Tiga bersaudara Kartini, Kardinah dan Roekmini (Sumber: Wikimedia Commons)

Kumpulan karya puisi memperingati jasa-jasa Kartini dalam perjuangan kaum wanita Indonesia.

Kartini: Anthology of poems

Nov 29, 2016 - Harry Aveling

Kartini and her sisters Kardinah and Roekmini. (Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Five poems celebrating Kartini and her contribution to Indonesia's feminist movement.

Something's cooking

Nov 14, 2016 - Joshua Parfitt

Pak Arum showing off his rissoles, cooked using biogas (Credit: Christina Haryanto Putri)

Biogas reduces the burden of fossil fuel subsidies

A parliamentary free-for-all

Nov 13, 2016 - Yuna Farhan

The DPR/MPR building

Indonesia’s political parties have lost control over the national budgeting process, as members of parliament prioritise their constituencies – and themselves.

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