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Bird’s nest boom

Thorburn 1

Indonesia’s efforts to supply delicacies to China are evolving in surprising directions

Wasted talent

migrant 2

Returned migrant workers have much to offer, but have trouble achieving recognition for the skills they’ve developed abroad

Barking mad, biting back

bogart 1

Cultural clashes emerge as Bali struggles to eradicate rabies

Regions: Bali
Politics: Local Politics

Dancing against violence

Paule 1

Not even Mount Kelud erupting could stop Yogyakarta's activists from standing up against violence to women as part of One Billion Rising

Article Type: Photo-Essay
Regions: Java
Politics: Social Movements
Arts: Dance
Law: Law Reform Crime
Society: Gender Marginalised Groups

Defending murder

supriatma 1

A marriage of convenience lies behind a campaign to defend Kopassus soldiers on trial for murder in Yogyakarta

Remembering Munir

hearman 1

A museum dedicated to the memory of the famous activist strives to promote human rights awareness among the younger generation

Maverick mayor to presidential hopeful

jokowi 1

Jokowi’s record in public office justifies his strong public image

Article Type: Profiles
Politics: National Politics

Connecting with tradition

neneng 1

A nearly extinct rural Sundanese art form is being revived in an urban setting

Regions: Java
Arts: Theatre Music

Running in style

juliawan 1

A new bug for running points toward a new politics of lifestyle