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The paradox of virtual youth politics

A user-generated computer game developed by Jokowi’s team asks supporters to join Jokowi-Jusuf Kalla on impromptu visits - Generasi Optimis

Social media promotes political engagement among youth, but at the expense of accurate information and real-world political effects

Article Type: Editorial
Politics: Politics Elections Social Movements
Society: Youth Culture

Fifteen Years of Sinetron Religi

Promotional poster for Cinta Fitri Season Ramadhan.

The religious influence of prime-time television in Indonesia

Article Type: Editorial
Arts: Television
Religion: Islam

My eyes may be blue, but I am Indonesian


The different and difficult experiences of Eurasian Indonesians

Article Type: Editorial
Politics: Identity Politics
Society: Ethnicity Marginalised Groups
Timeframe: Revolution (1945-49)

The case of Gregorius Rato

Gregorius Rato - Irfan Kortschak

The criminalisation of a whistleblower shows how corruption can entangle even participatory development programs

Article Type: Profiles
Politics: Politics Local Politics
Law: Corruption
Timeframe: Yudhoyono presidency (2004-)

KITLV Reading Room gone, collection remains

The Reading Room enabled interactions between scholars - Andy Fuller

The Institute will continue to operate without its famous reading room

Article Type: Editorial
Arts: Literature
Society: Language

Film review: From horror and porn stars…to Jokowi

Film jokowi landscape

KK Dheeraj’s unauthorised biopic is full of tears and belaboured symbolism

Article Type: Reviews
Regions: National
Politics: National Politics
Arts: FilmCinema

Faultlines and fractures

A broken community

HIV/AIDS is spreading rapidly because of the profound inequalities that afflict Papua

Article Type: Editorial Photo-Essay
Regions: Papua
Society: Health
Economy: Inequality

Wild West Batur

Resource stripping in Batur, Bali - Graeme MacRae

Beyond the tourism and real estate frontiers in Bali is a small branch of the global resource frontier.

Article Type: Editorial
Regions: Bali
Environment: Mining
Economy: Tourism Land