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Amri Yahya and the Sydney University Labor Club

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A link to Australia’s support of the Indonesian revolution

Review: Coming to terms with 1965

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Can the descendants of both sides of 1965 come together to help the nation achieve reconciliation?
Article Type: Reviews
Regions: National
Politics: Military and Police
Timeframe: 1965-66
Human Rights: Political Rights

Looking the other way

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Football may be Indonesia’s most popular sport, but it is also riven with corruption – and the Indonesian media is looking the other way

Review: Surabaya-style football fandom

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Junaedi gives a rare insight into Indonesia's football culture

Article Type: Reviews
Regions: Java
Society: Youth Culture Sport

Famine and fraud

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A story of mass starvation tells us much about media coverage and local government in Papua

Freedom of information

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The Freedom of Information Act has largely failed to make government institutions more transparent and accountable

Able to choose


Disability activists in Indonesia get their message through to the presidential candidates

Jokowi for President? No!

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Riverbank settlers love Jokowi, but they don’t want him to become president