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Photo essay: Communing with the spirits and sharing food

Herriman 1

Malays in the Cocos Islands celebrate Ramadan

Article Type: Photo-Essay
Religion: Islam

Review: Seeking peace without justice

Doull 1

The memoir of a former human rights commission official gives insights into handling of human rights in Indonesia in the late New Order and early reformasi period

Film review: Atambua 39˚ Celsius


The edge of Merah-Putih

Article Type: Reviews
Regions: Timor Leste
Arts: FilmCinema
Society: Mobility

Famine and fraud

anderson famine 1

A story of mass starvation tells us much about media coverage and local government in Papua

Amri Yahya and the Sydney University Labor Club

witton 1

A link to Australia’s support of the Indonesian revolution

Able to choose


Disability activists in Indonesia get their message through to the presidential candidates

Review: Coming to terms with 1965

children war lowry 1

Can the descendants of both sides of 1965 come together to help the nation achieve reconciliation?
Article Type: Reviews
Regions: National
Politics: Military and Police
Timeframe: 1965-66
Human Rights: Political Rights

Looking the other way

flicker 1

Football may be Indonesia’s most popular sport, but it is also riven with corruption – and the Indonesian media is looking the other way